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The Gloucester Project


Benjamin Redding, 'The Western Design Revised: Death, Dissent, and Discontent on the Gloucester, 1654–1656', The Historical Journal, volume 66, issue 5 (2023):945-970. Available here

Ruth Battersby Tooke, Benjamin Redding, Francesca Vanke, and Claire Jowitt, 'The Wreck that Rocked the Monarchy', BBC History Magazine, March 2023: 46-52.


Ruth Battersby Tooke, Claire Jowitt, Benjamin Redding, Francesca Vanke, eds, The Last Voyage of the Gloucester: Norfolk's Royal Shipwreck (Barnwell Print Ltd, Aylsham, 2023), 82pp.

Claire Jowitt, 'The Last Voyage of the Gloucester (1682): The Politics of a Royal Shipwreck', English Historical Review, volume 137, issue 586 (2022): 728-762. Available here

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