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The Gloucester Project

Other Media Appearances Featuring the Gloucester Project

UEA Community Blog: 'The Gloucester Exhibition: The Loss and Rediscovery of a Seventeenth-Century Warship'.

History Hack Podcast: 'The Gloucester and Cromwell's Western Design' with Benjamin Redding.

Spotlight on the Gloucester: An interview with Claire Jowitt and Benjamin Redding who discuss researching and working on the Gloucester Project.

HistoryExtra Podcast: 'Why the Gloucester might be the most important shipwreck since the Mary Rose' with Claire Jowitt.

History Hack Podcast: 'HMS Gloucester - The New Mary Rose?' with Benjamin Redding.

The Stories of the Gloucester Shipwreck: Norfolk's Mary Rose, Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Seminar Series - a recording of the seminar series and the full programme is available via the link.

Further Information

Additional information about UEA's interdisciplinary research concerning the rediscovery of the Gloucester wreck see: CreativeUEA

For further information about the activities of the Gloucester Project's exhibition partner Norfolk Museum Service see: Norfolk Museum Service

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